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Shenzhen Hall
Located in the first and second floor of Zijin Building, Shangzhen Hall has 24 deluxe private rooms which are intended for high-profile banquets.

The name of rooms:
No.1 Gaofeng Hall, No.2 Hefeng Hall, No.3 Huifeng Hall, No.4 Breeze Hall, No.5 Lingfeng Hall, No.6 Yunfeng Hall, No.7 Songfeng Hall, No.8 Tongfeng Hall, No.9Yifeng Hall, No.10 Zufeng Hall, No.11 Zifeng Hall, No.12 Zhipu Hall, No.14 Kuaixue Hall, No.15 Jiyun Hall, No.16 Yisong Hall, No.17 Xiufeng Hall, No.18 Tingtao Hall, No.19 Guanyun Hall, No.20 Lotus Hall, No.21 Chrysanthemum Hall, No.22 Cloud Hall, No.23 Light Hall,, No.24 Stream Hall, No.25 Bamboo Hall

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